InterEPCO (Intercultural Event- Project Management & Consulting Office) is a business organisation specialised in:

  • Intercultural Events & Projects Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Diversity Management

The globalisation of the politics and the economy, as well as the global movement of the world population, shows in itself that the Diversity (management) is an inalienable and valuable potential. According to an African statement which says: “if many people go together, a way originates”. Being clever consists of recognizing the varieties, of promoting them and of achieving the best from the results for your enterprise.

Our values:

  • Reliability: our reliability distinguishes itself by our integrity and loyalty towards our customers and partners.
  • Discretion & Confidentiality: Economy and business are a matter of trust and confidence. Discretion and confidentiality of information and data towards our customers, partners and freelancers is essential by InterEPCO.


Dipl. Pol. Sylvester Djiogho – EBCL Certified Business Manager

Is a political scientist, jurist and certified manager in European Business Competence. His long-established experiences in enterprise allow him profound competence in the areas of Business Consulting, Project and Event Management.

Mr Djiogho establishes the balance between the main focuses of creativity, expense factor and exact individual demands of the customers. Living since 2000 in Berlin, he is the founder and manager of InterEPCO.

Mr Serge Aka – Consultant

Giresse DAKO – (Lorenzo 1er) Event promotion
Lorenzo Premier is Choreographer, Dancer and Eventmanager. His long-established experience and profound competence in Event Management loans him the challenging task of Sales & Event promotion by InterEPCO.

Francine Striesow

Designer with passion Mrs Striesow combines creativity, unusual configuration and exact implementation. The strategically planning of the business of InterEPCO and the plans of our customers and partners are incumbent upon her. Mrs Striesow is responsible for the logistics – and as an experienced teacher, Mrs Striesow brings with her profound management of groups.